During the boom time many houses were constructed in haste and best practice may not have been adhered to. If you feel that there is a structural aspect of your house that is not performing satisfactorily, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We can provide a service analysing the problem, outlining works to be carried out to remedy the issue, inspect the works being carried out on a regular basis, certification of same, all at a very competitive cost.

Sometimes neighbouring properties undergo extensive structural remodelling. If this is occurring to a property which adjoins yours or if the works will affect your property (i.e. piling etc.), it is wise to obtain the services of an engineer to prepare a Condition Survey of your property. This will outline all the cracks and flaws in your property and a photographic record of each is taken. Thus when the works have been carried out to the neighbouring property, if there is a deterioration to your property due to the works you will have a certified Condition Survey to prove same with a view to remedying the issues caused.