We offer a service where we carry out a full structural analysis and design across the industry. This will include developing appropriate structural schemes for the project to include the design and detailing of all structural elements of the sub-structure and super-structure. We offer this service for commercial/industrial and residential projects. For your project to commence a “Commencement Notice” must be submitted to the Building Control Management System (“BCMS”). If you are a non-private dwelling developer you must appoint a Design Certifier and Assigned Certifier.

In 2014, regulations came into force for non-residential project developers to appoint a Design Certifier and Assigner Certifier. We are in a position to fulfil this role and would welcome queries in relation to proposed project.

The Department of Environment, Community and Local Government has published a document entitled Code of Practice for Inspecting and Certifying Buildings and Works – Building Control Regulations 2014. You can find more information in this regard under our “Useful Links” section. Under Section 4.2 the following may be appointed and sign as the Assigned Certifier, provided they are competent in relation to the particular works involved:

(a) Architects that are on the register maintained by the RIAI under Part 3 of the Building Control Act 2007; or

(b) Building Surveyors that are on the register maintained by the SCSI under Part 5 of the Building Control Act 2007; or

(c) Chartered Engineers on the register maintained by Engineers Ireland under section 7 of the Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland (Charter Amendment) Act 1969.

Similarly, the Design Certifier must be one of the above registered professionals and must be competent to carry out their design and to co-ordinate the design activities of others for the works concerned.

Amendment regulations were subsequently introduced and thus if you are undertaking a private dwelling construction project you have an option to follow the above path or you can opt out of the Statutory Certification. Please feel free to contact us either by phone or by email and we can advise you of same. We can assume the role of Project Engineer dependent upon which option would you prefer to take.

In many projects the lead consultant may be an Architect or Chartered Surveyor as per the previous qualification requirement. In these instances there is a requirement for a Chartered Engineer to carry out the role of Ancillary Certifier whereby they will produce the structural design relevant to the project and provide certification and sign off for this aspect alone.