Buying a house is more than likely the most serious investment you will make in your life. Therefore it is vital to ensure that the property has performed satisfactorily this far.

We conduct a thorough inspection to provide a report on the structural condition of the property. Obviously we cannot drill holes through the walls or expose elements of the structure that have been covered up, but based on vast experience, we can diagnose problems within the structure from the symptoms that appear on the building fabric. We would not just point out cracking of concern, but we also endeavour to advise as to the reason and if applicable, the types of works that would be required to prevent further issues.

The fee for pre-purchase surveys is based upon the size, location and age of the property and the price increases when the size of the property or the age of the property does. However, it is a very small price to pay compared with the price of the property for peace of mind. In addition to reporting on the structural condition of the property there are times when we are instructed to report on the boundaries of the property, the planning situation of the property, we can be requested to provide certification with planning permission, or to prepare a Declaration of Identity for the services to the property and their location and perhaps other legal requirements i.e. mapping.

Each of these tasks will incur a fee due to the loading on the professional indemnity insurance, but a package deal can be arranged to keep costs to the minimum. Once instructions are received terms of engagement are issued which will outline exactly the remit of the inspection. If you are interested in this or if your solicitor has advised you to have this carried out, please do not hesitate to contact our office and we can talk you through these services and costs.