It is incumbent upon property owners to apply for planning permission if they are intending to extend their properties or erect certain structures within their land holdings. There are certain exemptions in relation to size, position, location etc. and advice on these exemptions can be obtained from us tailored to your particular circumstances.

For the most part the planning process is relatively straightforward. It is best practice to engage the services of an Architect to develop a design appropriate for your requirements. We would work closely with the Architect during the design process to ensure all clients’ requirements are met. In the event you have an exact idea or require retention permission, we would be delighted to guide you through the planning process.

We can prepare full, timely, planning applications to any Local Authority nationally, both for proposed residential or commercial developments, we can continue our involvement by organising the tender process, overseeing the construction process, advising on the responsibilities which have to be borne by the developer, final certification after construction is completed, mapping, legal documentation for registration etc. and corresponding with financial institutions to have monies released to pay for it all.

If this is of interest to you – please make contact with us – every project is different as indeed every site is different so a package deal can be arranged unique to your particular circumstances and advice given as to how to keep costs to the minimum.